Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Power Behind the Task - Cindy Sproles

It's over. Boot camp is over. The soldiers are weary but they are prepared. They came with open hearts,  minds, and willingness to serve.

We have forewarned them the high will hit a low and the road will be difficult but they are prepared. Girded in the armor of God, bound with the love and support of their peers...these soldiers have learned "The task ahead of them is never as great as the Power behind them."

Onward Christian Soldiers. We look forward to seeing the fruit of your labor. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Write. Write by His command and trust He will use the seed.

A special thank you to our awesome staff. Yvonne Lehman, Ann Tatlock, Eddie Jones, Andrea Merrell, Terri Kelly, Scott McCausey, Chris Yavelow and Diana Flegal - for you have prepared the army of Gideon.

This euphoria of excitement will wain as time passes, but it's important you remember...remember how and what you felt when you were at Boot Camp. That can never be taken.

Tonight you rest. go into battle.

Soldiers! Dismiss.

Cindy Sproles
Company Commander.