Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orange Wax Anointing - Mary Jane Downs

Hark! Was this a sign before Boot Camp? As I was talking on the phone with one of my writer buddies, I was also busy cleaning off my desk. You know the multitasking thing. Well, when I moved the lighted ‘Christ candle’ I keep on my desk, the candle fell over and orange wax went all over my hands, my computer, my tablet of writing ideas and of course the desk itself. The wax was hot, sticky, but all I could think about was cleaning up another mess. Then, The Holy Spirit began to illuminate the situation and I saw another reason for the mess. Was the wax pouring out the Lord’s way of anointing and sealing me before the Boot Camp experience next week? It WAS the Christ candle. The wax mostly fell on my hands, my writing ideas and my laptop.

Boot Camp for me is like a coming out of the shadows by searching to learn more about how to write better so I can use my hands to war through the pieces I will write on the computer. I have struggled for along time to see myself as a writer and that God had truly chosen me to be His “scribble.” (Typos are funny and sometimes revealing as well.) But as the days draw close, excitement is mounting and I am courageously stepping out to say, “Yes Sir, send me.”

The candle wax was orange. Oh how fitting. Orange is the color associated with passion and fire. Passion and fire are what I am asking the Lord for as I go into this weekend of learning. Do I feel a little overwhelmed at the task ahead? Yes. However, God’s passion inside of me will catapult me towards my goal of writing for Him alone. The fire is what He may need to put under me at times when I get to comfortable with where I am at in the moment.

So Lord…Thanks you for your anointing power on all of us. Without Your guidance, our words would be to no avail. Teach us how to war with our hands so that we can touch the lives you intend for us to touch. And Lord…Give us the courage and strength to see the task through. AMEN

 Mary Jane Downs is an inspirational writer of poems, stories, devotionals and children’s stories. She has been published in Awe Magazine, InspiredMoms.com, and judged the weekly writer’s contests for Faithwriters.com. Mary Jane graduated from LaGrange College, LaGrange, GA with a degree in Elementary Education. She is currently the assistant director for The Gathering-A Meeting Place for Creatives in Christ Conference. Contact Mary Jane at maryjanewrites@gmail.com.