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to Cindy Sproles - When You Write For God...What a Difference

  to Yvonne Lehman - Getting the Story Started

  to Terri Kelly - Writing for Children

  to Scott McCausey - Promoting Through Internet Radio

  to Edie Melson - Social Networking - You Can. You Must

  to Eddie Jones - Introduction to Christian Devotions Ministries

  to Eddie Jones - Making Amazon Work for You

  to Diana Flegal - Would You Read On?

  to Diana Flegal - Rejections

  to Cindy Sproles - Devotional Writing

  to Chris Yavelow - It's All About the Detail

  to Ann Tatlock - Preparing & Writing Articles

  to Ann Tatlock - Painting the Landscape

  to Ann Tatlock & Yvonne Lehman - Digging Deeper into Fiction

  to Andrea Merrell - It's the Little Things that Count

 ~ ~      ~ ~      ~ ~       ~ ~      ~ ~

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Infantry Level (new writer)

Getting the Story Started - (Yvonne Lehman)  Learn the elements of putting a story together. Including where and how to look for the right elements to get your story off and running.

Preparing and Writing Articles - (Ann Tatlock) Writing articles for magazines and e-zines is a great way to break into publishing. Learn the basics of crafting the compelling article, as well writing the query letter that will catch an editor’s eye.

Devotional Writing – (Cindy Sproles) Learn how to make your personal experiences into devotions that stick with the reader. There's more to a devotion than just an AHH moment - make it memorable by learn the Hook, Book, Look & Took method of writing.

Painting the Landscapes: Scenes and Setting - (Ann Tatlock) To write a novel is to create a world. Learn to use your senses to create a vivid setting for your readers to “live in.”

Writing for Children – (Terri Kelly) Basics are important when writing for kids. Learn good strategy and formulas for writing inside a kid's mind.
It’s the Little Things that Count – Editing - (Andrea Merrell) Big mistakes usually get our immediate attention, but what about the small stuff? The Bible says it's the little foxes that spoil the vine and the same is true for writers. It's all those pesky little details we overlook that can make or break our projects. This class will help you arm yourself with some basic weapons to keep those annoying little foxes out of your manuscripts.


Officer Level 
(advanced writer)

Putting Up the Frame and Avoiding Writers Block - (Ann Tatlock) Even if you're a "seat-of-the-pants" writer, you'll need to make some definite decisions before you jump into the story. We'll talk about settling on such aspects of novel-writing as genre, theme, POV, and outlining, and why these are important to pin down before you begin. We also talk about getting and staying inspired.

All Wound Up: Keeping Tension in Your Story - (Yvonne Lehman) What keeps a reader reading? Conflict, tension and more conflict. Learn how to step up the tension in your story and keep your reader flipping the pages.

It’s All About the Detail – Advanced Editing - (Chris Yavelow) Learn how to use the built in tools in Word to step up your editing process. This intense and unique class will walk you through the steps to a new way of editing.

Why A Small Press Could Be Your Best Route to Publishing Success - (Eddie Jones) In this class we will explore the path to a profitable and successful writing carrer via traditional, royalty-paying Independent book publishers (Indies). Learn how eBooks, Print On Demand and book distribution into Christian bookstores can lead to a regular royalty checks.

Digging Deeper into Fiction:  Sub-plots, Character Development & Conversation - (Ann Tatlock & Yvonne Lehman) Plot too simplistic? Characters flat? Dialogue stilted? We can help! This class is designed to assist you in developing and weaving together sub-plots that will support your main plot and keep your story moving. You’ll learn how to round out your characters so they become three-dimensional. And you’ll find out how to engage your characters in dialogue that’s both believable and intriguing.

Making Amazon Work for You Moving to the Next Level – Promoting Yourself - (Eddie Jones) Amazon is a whole new door open to all writers. Learn the ins and outs of Amazon and how to move your books to the next level.

Infantry Level Additional Workshops  
Would You Read On?- (Diana Flegal) Come one- come all! Be bold and courageous and bring your first pages. This class is formatted after our popular Wednesday Hartline Blog, Would You Read On?
During the course of this class, brave authors will allow me to read aloud your fiction or nonfiction first pages. Those in attendance and myself will offer our opinion as to whether you have succeeded in 'hooking' us into wanting to read on? If we are not 'hooked', we will share why not and what could possibly be done to improve the page. This is a great exercise in helping you know if your material is ready to submit to an editor or agent.
Social Networking WHAT? How? WHO ME?  -  (Edie Melson) Social networking is vitally important to the aspiring writer. Get the basics on tweets, blogs and Facebook.                                  

Officer Level Additional Workshops 

Rejections? What Do They Really Mean - (Diana Flegal) Sit with an agent and learn the value found in those rejection letters. In this class you'll find direction on what publishers see that push them to reject.

Social Networking – You Can and MUST Do It - (Edie Melson) Publishers expect their authors to promote their books. Social networking is a fast and effective way to talk to the masses without leaving your home. Learn the importance of Twitter and Facebook, Blogs and websites and how you can become a constant presence.

Group Sessions
The State of the Ministry: Christian Devotions and You
When You Write for God: What a Difference

Round Table One-on-One: Critiquing Your Work

Optional Training
*Appointments with an Editor, Agent or Author to discuss your personal work and goals