Faculty Books

Our faculty has an array of books for you to purchase.  We'll have a display at boot camp. Look through them then come to this page and click and purchase. Support our faculty by purchasing their books. They have donated their time to boot camp and you can say thank you by doing two things. 1) Purchase their book  2) Go to Amazon and write a review.

The books listed below are just a few of the titles by our faculty. Most all are available in Kindle and Nook versions as well. Go to Amazon.com and search their names for more great reads.

Books by Eddie Jones
Buy Paper Version - $9.95

 Buy Paper Version - $14.99

Kindle Book - .99

Books by Eddie Jones and Cindy Sproles

Books by Yvonne Lehman

Pre-Order - Check Amazon for pre-order date

Buy Paper Version - $7.99
 Books by Ann Tatlock

Books by Edie Melson

Books by Chris Yavelow

Buy Paper Version - $14.95

Buy Paper Version - $10.44