Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There Are No Excuses - Carolyn Underwood


Because I am arriving late to the process of preparation for Boot Camp, upon receiving yesterday’s email of our assignments, the temptation (into which I must not be led) was to crawl into either my bunk, bedroll or duffle bag and cry, “I can’t!” “I can’t!” “It’s too much!” And then, I remembered WHOSE I am and this is not about me, but about HIM. I laughed out loud. I was prompted by HIM and the email to see clearly once again the sign of brightly colored poster board and BIG letters I had posted in a junior high classroom where I once taught. Deciding I apparently was teaching adolescents with hearing disorders (not), I resorted to a powerful visual aide which read:


I emailed Cindy that I was going to remake that sign and post it this time for me in my work room/study/quilting room/woman cave to remind me there really are no excuses and to spur me on.

We all have them (excuses) and they are wasteful, useless and unworthy of us as God’s kids. If I spent as much time in purposeful, creative projects for God as I spend trying to fantasize reasons why they can’t be done, the task would already be done.

Excuses are tools of Satan especially if I am about God’s business. The minute they arrive, I’m sending them off to Headquarters for God to deal with while Jesus and I keep on working.