Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Assignment Four - Prepare a One-Sheet

Diana Flegal

When you attend conferences and meet with agents and editors, you need to prepare a One Sheet to offer them at your appointment time.

This one sheet should fit on ONE page.

The title of you book, it's genre and word count, should be placed at the top of your page, along with your name.

A second Chance for Family
55,000 word Middle Reader
by Diana Flegal

Next: Think query letter.

The first words under the heading should be your 'tag line'.

Single mother meets tragic end, leaving 7 yr old Christy Miller orphaned with no living relatives.

Following your tag line should be one to two paragraphs defining the story's plot and conclusion. (Yes, you must reveal the end of your story. Agents and editors do not want to be left guessing the ending.)

When a tragic accident leaves 7 year old Christy Miller an orphan, an overloaded foster care system looses track of the girl. Resourceful, she manages to live off the street until a bag lady takes her under her wing, and introduces her to Sister Clarisse. Clarisse volunteers at the soup kitchen and lost her husband and son in a way similar to how Christy lost her mother.

Christy is quickly drawn into this loving soup kitchen's misfit family by Sister Clarisse's warm, funny and joyous spirit. She accepts the invitation to sleep on Clarisses couch. After all, winter is on it's way and the streets have lost their adventourous attraction. Clarisse considers what God's plan might be while gently guiding Christy back toward a God that might just still love her after all. After a few months pass, Clarisse asks Christy if she would like to become a permanant member of her 'family' through legal adoption. Christy flies into her loving arms, accepting the offer that answers her nightly prayers.

Follow this with a short bio.


Author Diana Flegal lives in lovely Asheville NC where she writes from a deck overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her dog Molly drags her from her office periodically to explore the mountain paths and clarify her thoughts. She is a member of ACFW and belongs to the Christian Writers of Black Mountain, a critique group.

Note: You may add appropriate graphics to your page as well as a small personal head-shot at the bottom beside your bio. Just be sure not to over do it. You want the story to be the main emphasis, not your artistic talents or ability to cut and paste a lot of clip art. Use bright color with restraint.

We have attached a few example's of books that have been sold or are under consideration by publishers at this time, with the permission of the authors.

Simple is fine if that is what you are comfortable with. I would rather you have the content correct. Do not be afraid to try this assignment, just do your best.