Friday, March 2, 2012

Where is Your Treasure? Where is Your Heart?

There is nothing more perfect than the Word of God. Even for the non-believer...even when they don't know it. We are called by Christ to step up, go into the world and make disciples, baptize and teach but that seems easier said than done.

Are you called to write and if you are how can that possibly be a way to spread the gospel? Well, it is. Writing as a calling from God doesn't mean you fill every page with scripture and preaching. It means you write for Him in a Godly manner. Clean, fresh, as an example of Christ.

But what if I want to be paid to write? Doesn't that go against writing for God? Absolutely not. We are worth our wage but at the same time our wage shouldn't be what rules our heart. Whether a writer or a corporate employee, wage should not rule the story we tell with our lives. Remember, where your treasure is, there is your heart.

Be a shining example. When others look at your life, allow them to be swallowed up by the love of Christ in all you do, in all you all you write. Exemplify God.

Perhaps you write humor. Write it in a wholesome manner. God has a pretty good funny bone...after all, He created us and we're all class clowns. Or maybe you write romance. Show the love of Christ and the value in the sanctity of marriage.

We are called and He has equipped you to do His will. Write His words. Share His treasure. There you will find the heart of a Christian writer.